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        We speak and declare into existence 100 fold right now no more witchcraft controlling spirits molec leviathan pride lies infirmity heaviness addictions Leviathan pride lies infirmity fear word curses hexes vexes spirit u all warfare headaches for me Christina and our Husbands children parents bring in Holy consuming fire set us free with the blood of Jesus according to God's will 100 fold right now

        Please pray for an important phone interview and medical appointment. May the Lord heal me through the right treatment prescribed by the doctor I need to contact. MANY THANKS AND BLESSINGS;

        Heavenly Father, please help us to get my brakes fixed on my van. Thank you Lord for getting me home safely. Also we are having a yard sale Saturday to get rid of some more stuff. We want to get rid of this clutter. Please help us to sell a lot of this stuff. God bless

        DeaR God Giovanni applied for this job that he really wants and it’s gonna make him some really good money to get us by till the spring please god let him get this job I know he really wants it and its really convenient and by the house so he can get there by public transportation or by walking until he can fix his license please help him get this job

Grand Parent
        I found out yesterday that I will have the neuro surgeon appointment this upcoming Monday. His office is an hour away, but he is in network with my insurance. Please pray he is a good surgeon! Pray my ride there and back will go ok, pray he will be able to help me somehow. Also please pray I may receive the blessings i have been praying for and all will go well

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