Luvaholic's Prayers

            May the Lord arrange the guide for doing my Ph.D.  Also may I choose a topic that will be of use to the society.

A very urgent appeal to all to pray in this regard.  It means my reason for joy, peace and goodwill.

            Please pray for new place, new direction in life, dramatic changes in my life. Need Christian friends, need a home for me and my daughter jessy. Please pray for new direction and what God has plan for my life.

            Lord I am not asking my sin to be blessed, I am asking in the name above all names, Christ my Lord, for a way where there is no way, to make right my wrongs, thank you for forgiving me and teaching me to forgive. Over the years we have forgiven many debts owed us for services rendered and today it is costing us our business , adding strife to our home, family, relationships, a domino effect, Lord, we need you, I am not looking to the world for help, I am throwing myself at your feet, on the mercy seat, and asking for your help. It is hard to trust, to even hope, I lay it down also, that I might hope again, and trust, for my faith is in you. In Messiahs precious name, Amen and Amen

            Lord bless my bowls to move a lot more regular often please in Jesus name

            Hallelujah and all praise and honor go to you Master Y-H-W-H and Master Yeshua HaMaschiach of Nazareth for everything you are doing in this planet and for everyone alive including me. It is because of your greatness that we are breathing and because of your mercy we are alive. I thank you for your love on me and Lehavit and for blessing this relationship and trust you Master Y-H-W-H that you have heard my prayers with regards to our relationship and her Parent's approval through your Mighty Son's name, the Great Yeshua. I also thank you for all the chances at Job Opportunities in Israel, since it is tough here to get a Work Permit and I pray in Yeshua HaMaschiach of Nazareth's Holy Name I can get a Work-Permit. I finally ask humbly for forgiveness of any sins I have done along with Lehavit & her family and my family, all this I pray and have faith in Yeshua HaMaschiach's Powerful name, Amen

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