Luvaholic's Prayers

        Dear God, Please touch Ron who has wandered from you. Life has been
burdensome please lighten his load and forgive. It’s only Your mercy that allows us to become who You want us to be. Free my friend, Ron, Lord and lead him by still waters. Bless Ron and restore the joy of his salvation. Amen And cover him with your precious blood. Amen

        Pray that my brothers little under age 10 grandsons not get hurt using guns in the yard target practicing I am not sure if it against the law or not but brother is allowing it in his yard and I am afraid for their safety and hate the idea it take a death or injury to get him to see this pray that all will work out before accident happens God Bless thanks

        Let us pray everything God has given me through, revelations, sermons, visions, books, situations and by all means be sealed in my heart and united in faith for God's glory! Let us pray, didn't I miss anything from what God has given me, but it must be maintained forever in pure and sincere heart in me and there is much fruit for the glory of God! I beg you to pray the Lord to build and strengthen me- everything God's Word, God's lessons, grace and True His was gave me- to build me and an established me, I keep it all this in clean and in good heart for the rest of my life and give hundredfold fruit that will delight the heart of God! God bless you!

        Lord heal my grandma please take away her pain. Please give her more time to spend with us. Thank you love you

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