Luvaholic's Prayers

            Heavenly Father, there was 1 person shot at FCHS in Lou. Ky. Update. The person has non-life threatening injuries. The students are evacuating the school and going to the park nearby. The shooter has not been caught yet. Please pray for the students and staff. God bless

            Dear Lord Father God, in Jesus name, if my pray my sister Andrea has the intentions to moan at me or lecture me or judge me or criticize me of how I should conduct my life, or if she thinks I am not meeting her expectations, I pray Andrea will right away, lovingly drop the need and the want to talk to me about what she is being so mysterious about. I pray she will grow up and let go of trying to control me or anyone else. I pray Andrea loving and genuinely accepts and embraces and rejoices of my new life and my beautiful loving relationship with my fiancée Jill. Anita. H, and I pray that Andrea rejoices in our wedding plans for next June 2015,Amen 

            Please pray for me. I have SEVERE ANXIETY. My mom let and came back and as soon as she comes back I start shaking and panic. Please GOD let me have a job offer so I can move. I think I have ptsd from this. =( 

            Dear God My family is in pathetic financial status and we are almost 0 now. With a lot of medical expenses and educational expenses lined up we are clueless of coming out of it and felt it is a dead end. why this disparity my lord where so many people are having huge money and people like us are suffering for our daily needs.... Oh god enough is enough please show mercy on us and give us surplus funds. at least for a few years we want to live happily without financial troubles....Pressure mounting from all ends and pls save us before we succumb, if we get relieved we are willing to convert ourselves into Christians and serve the poor here in the name of Jesus Christ plsssssssss helppppp 

            Please pray for my husband as he started a one day job today. May it go well and may more doors of employment be opened for him. Either to work fulltime or for him to get many temp jobs until the right job opens up for him.

Father Lord, I praise you for loving us and for being so good to us. Bless your holy name. Lord, I ask that you please bless my husband as he is working at his one day job. Help him to do well. May it open more opportunities for him Lord. Please bless him with a fulltime job soon, or for more temp jobs until the right fulltime job becomes available for him. Lord, there is a recruiter who found him this one day job. Please anoint him to be able to help my husband find a job. Please put favour on my husband’s job search. In Jesus name amen

Glory To God
            Luvaholic warriors please let me up in prayer the enemy is trying to steal ground from us that we have worked hard for please! WE KNOW THAT ANYTIME WE RELAX? The devil is roaming to steal ground gain. Always remember, that the devil met Jesus after the fast Jesus was on, to try to temp him to turn the stone into bread AND JESUS ANSWERED AND SAID; IT IS WRITTEN. THAT MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE. BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT COMES FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD!!! OH LORD ! LET NOT MY LABOR BE IN VAIN.

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