Luvaholic's Prayers

        God I am going through a lot at the moment my family has hatred towards me and I may never go to school again please help me get back into university and bring back the love from my family and also the man I love should love me alone. And also help my sister who is undergoing a series of traumas she is blind in one eye and the other eye seems to be going in that direction please her that her eyes should see well again. Lord I am leaving this in your hands to please help me and answer my prayers please please lord Jesus who was conceived by the holy virgin marry and was crucified on the cross but rose there after

        Dear brothers and sisters, for years I pray the Lord to touch my speech and expression. I still believe that the Lord Jesus is infinitely merciful and faithful, and he will answer my prayers. I beg you with all my heart, all agree together in prayer to light all of God's mercy and faithfulness to me and God to make with the power to respond to all my prayers! Ask the Lord to touch my speech and expression and make the best of what He is capable of! Let my speech and expression never to no be the same and it is for God's glory

        Dearest God, please heed my prayer. Help me and my boyfriend, protect us from evil intentions, harm, harassments from our bosses. We cannot do this on our own. God please help us, guide us ,keep us safe and provide for our needs. We need you God .Please help us..

        Lord I thank you for I can bring this matter to you. You know how broken she is Lord. Please help her Jesus and cover her into your blood and allow your mercy to descend upon her. Heal her sexual, emotional, social and every other form of brokenness. Help Jesus please. Direct her into right path and bring her into repentance from sins she still lives in. Wash away her sins Lord by the blood of Jesus. Make her to be the new creation, shape her to be the woman you have meant her to be Lord. You are the El-Shaddai Lord and I praise you for you shall provide an answer for this prayer. In the name of Jesus and by the power of his blood I pray, amen.

        Jehovah Jireh Please father help me get money for these badly needed car repairs so my car can not break down on the road or in the night You are my God, Father help me through this time of my car repair troubles in Jesus name amen. I have no one to ask for help but you

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