Luvaholic's Prayers

          Shield me and my children for protection and keep us righteous, and true Justice, love, wisdom, perfection, hard-working, knowing, seeing, laughing, joking, talking, playing, praising, praying, well behaved manners to use over and over, good at all we do. God, Bless us with your good doubts, fill us with healthy food so we are satisfied, give us clean and fresh water, give us good paying jobs for us to care for our families, teach us, do good in us! God, Build us a shield. Amen!
May God hear and bless all of your prayers and needs!

          Father, Abba, the Great I Am, creator, master, three in One, I pour out my heart and soul to you, in faith, trust and believing. I have confessed my guilt and never asked my sin to be blessed, but me a sinner and your help to make it, all right . My husband turned to the world, to man, to get through this, for help, and I stood to support him, and fell to my knees before your throne, turning to you for help, let not my faith be stretched to breaking, or failing, let my faith stand firm, though I see no help coming and time is up, and again I fall to my knees, reaching out to touch your hem, your robe, your mercy, Amen

          Lord Jesus I pray and pray for you to break the curse that has fallen upon my family. My prayers have fallen on deaf ears.. It's been years and we still can't get ahead.. My Daughter cries daily because her marriage is broken and I prayed day and night no answer I do have faith, are you listening to me. My son had to leave with his wife because they couldn't survive here I prayed and prayed no answer... How much more, from a child you were always my Lord and Savior I would never believe in no other... Please hear my prayers PLEASE...

          "May God bless you all.. Can you please continue to pray for both daughters health of this thyroid problem. Thanks! For prayers for my youngest daughter, she been feeling a bit better..her Dr. has some tests done on her throat. Thanks be to God nothing found I truly Thank our Lord for that. the Dr. put her on some medication at the time. to treat the thyroid. Please pray with me for healing for both daughters from this thyroid. I know In my heart Our LORD is more than ABLE!!!!! GLORY!!!!!  please also pray for me as well the (mom) from these allergies..Thank You so much for all the prayers.. I will love to Thank you all for praying for me for the moving papers.. I will soon be going to put It up on next week.. Please pray that I and my family will get the house we will like to have..Pray that the manager will have the place all fix up In working Order. and It will pass the Inspection.. Because I and my family have been waiting to move.. and for It to go wonderful In Jesus Holy Name Amen!!!



Giving all GLORY TO MY LORD!!!!!!!
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