The Night I Saved A Life

I have told Jeem this story awhile ago. I think the same night it happen. I'll share it with you Luvaholics today. The night I saved a man's life.

It happened down on Peachtree. Around the Georgia Dome. I was walking with my friend at the time and we had just came from searching for Wish (ATL). We spent the whole night trying to find the place after going to the wrong one. It was a pretty crazy night. I'll save that for another day. 

Anyways. As we were walking to meet my sister. We started walking with another person. A man. Kinda like when you're walking and somebody else you don't know is walking and you kinda start going at the same pace? That's what happened. 

So we were walking and we all past this homeless man. He was reading the bible aloud and I mean loud. So loud that it was shaking your ears. So I stopped for a minute and dropped  a few dollars into this bag. Around like eight I think. 

 So the dude that we were walking with goes "God aint shit". I just look at him and being me goes "What makes you say that". He goes on to say something about praying doesn't work, cause if it did, that dude wouldn't be homeless. Something like that. He needs to get his head out the bible he goes on.

 Something like that. I forget what I said. So we keep walking and then he just darts into the street. At random just runs into the middle of the street, on coming traffic. 

I remember that I just reacted without thinking about it. I rush into the street and as the cars is about to just about take me and him out. I picked him up and carried him onto the sidewalk.  

After that we really didn't talk about it. It was like it didn't happen. I asked can we walk him home and he agreed and that was that. He seem like he was having a bad day but when it comes to that, you let people tell you. You ask once and leaves it at that. You can't try to force things out of people you don't know. 

I can't tell you what he was thinking, I don't want to guess, but I think he wanted to take his life? I really haven't thought that much about it since then till now. As a person that had a friend that killed himself that way eats at me. 

I wasn't able to save my friend's life. I was able to save this dude's. Walked him to his house and I left off into the night. I pray that he is okay today. This was a couple years ago.  

I  don't know what is going on in any and everybody life, but just know it's always gonna be one person that cares. That one person is all you need. God bless.
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