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What happened to your love when your hate ran rampant?

What happened to your caring when your concern went rancid?


Where was your shoulder when your friend cried tears?

Did you use your shield to protect them from the spears?


Did you tell them about Christ to ease away their fears?

Did you let them know that he’s the only one who truly hears?


Have you conformed to the world and fell in love with your flesh?

Or did you simply give up when God put you through the test?


I‘m asking all of these questions because I do not understand

How you’ve lost your way when the biblical map is in your hand.


What happened to your armor? Where’s your shield of faith?

Your lips aren’t moving. You don’t have anything to say?


The truth is all around us. You used to believe.

Now you’re besties with the ones that choose to deceive?


Go back to his word, let it lead you home.

Tell the devils and the demons to leave you alone.


Don’t let them deter you or turn you away

With the regrets of yesterday and the worries of today.


And if your heart gets filled with the mantra of “please us!”

Ask yourself, “What happened to the love for Jesus?”



By: Kelly Maldonado
Thank you Kelly for writing a poem for our blog :) Love you

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