Mr. Pokey (nickname) James:

1.         Any memories you would like to share from your childhood?

"Memories from my childhood.  I guess I can share the aspect of traveling.  My parents always found a way that we traveled 2-3 times a year.  With that being said, I love to travel and learn new things."  


2.      Please share some fun facts about yourself.

"I am a Marine, father, friend.  I love the outdoors.  I love to travel, play golf and going to the beach."




3.      How long did you serve in the military? What are some pros and cons that came with your experience during that timeframe?

"I was in the Marine Corps for 13 years.  I tend to say there were more pros than cons while I was in the Marine Corps.  My parents prepared me for some life experiences and the Marine Corps helped me through others.  I could go on and on about the Marine Corps.  I will just end my time in the Corps with I have made everlasting relationships with many people that I will never forget and thank them for everything that they have placed in my path good, bad or indifferent."


4.      Tell us about the golf organization. The objectives behind it. Any future projects?

"I am part of a golf organization by the name of B. E. G. – Brothers Embracing Golf.  Our objective - The vision of the members of B.E.G. is to embrace Golf for the Disciplinarian game that it is, we will continue to play this game and encourage others to participate for the Camaraderie and Fellowship.  We will go beyond our normal routine and make time to Guide children of all backgrounds into this challenging sport which they can learn discipline, patience and self- determination.  We will make every effort to be there for our fellow brothers; during times of hardship, as well as times of triumph."

"As well as enlightening the youth about the game of golf, B. E. G. also helps in the community to ensure that families are taken care of during the holidays and throughout the year."


5.      Any valuable advice you would give young people that you wish someone would have given you growing up?

"I would say the following:  Never settle.There is too much out here in our reach. Take advantage of as many opportunities that are place in your hands.  There is something to learn from everything we do, is your mind open enough to take a lesson learned from it."
Thank you Mr. James for your time and thank you for being our LUVAHOLIC of the MONTH. May your heart continue to spread LOVE!
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