Luvaholic's Prayer

            Dear lord I find myself in a horrible situation and I just don't know else to do one thing after another house payment, depression, now a car accident I just feel like off a cliff Dear Lord i have no one else to go to and I can’t do this alone Please in Jesus name Help me

            Please help me God and forgive me for all my mistakes an sins and for letting you down. God I pray that you would help me get this job Lord. I also ask you Lord that when I do get this job that you would soften my husband’s heart and he will let me keep my paychecks LORD you know that I wouldn’t mind helping my husband with bills but LORD I also don't think it's fair that he takes total control of my checks. I ask that you please work in this problem so that I can also have money to give my tithings, please I ask that you also help him get a closer job to home LORD, I ask that you would keep working in his life and I thank you for all that u have already done in his life. and for what u will be doing in the future. thank you LORD because you have also heard my prayers and my sisters prayers and you have delivered my brother in law from drugs and alcohol thank you because I know u are there and even when we have failed you have always been there for us. Thank you for just my life Lord and for always keeping safe and my family and thank you for this day. Lord I also ask you for everyone on here who needs a miracle just like me I ask that u will answer my and their prayers in JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN.

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            Help Jehovah Jireh move my mountains and Christina please I get my rent paid easily and my car situation payments lowered or another car miracles of deliverance Daniel 6 : 27 x7x7x7 Christina gets her insurance for her car super cheap and registration on her car done easily and cheap no more stealing killing destroying in our lives John 10 : 10 x7x7x7 all this right now according to God's will 100 fold with the blood of Jesus all the way from the spiritual into the physical

            Jesus, I hear You calling me. I feel You loving me. I know about Your ultimate sacrifice for me.
I come to You just as I am and with all that I am. My sins violated the Father
and I am so sorry. I repent of them and ask Your forgiveness.
I love You because You are Love Itself and You loved me first.

I surrender my entire self and respond gratefully to Your invitation to live in You and have
You live in me, now and forever. I pledge to You and announce to all that You are
my Savior, Redeemer, Friend, Master and High Priest.
Cover me with Your redemptive blood and fill me with Your Holy Spirit.
Heal and transform me from being darkness to being light, the light of the world.

I am willing to let Your Spirit take over every part of me and pray for Your grace to help me
let go of self-indulgence, self-promotion, self-interest and rather make You the center of my life
and complete obedience to You, as Your servant, my passion.
I know Your friends are to be my friends, and Your enemies are to be my own.
Your ways will be mine. I know You will discipline me for my own spirit's sake.
I accept all this while I embrace You and am nurtured by Your infinite love and mercy
and sustained by my complete faith and trust in You, in the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Come Lord Jesus, live in me as I live in You. I love You.
I will follow You every day of my life, a life without end.
Thank you for loving me into Your kingdom! Amen.

            Please pray for Steven Richard, he has a job interview on Monday October 20th, for a much need job to support his family. I ask in Jesus Name, if this is the job, Steven's Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ, have in place for Steven, to give it to Steven, with many blessings and graces. AMEN 
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