Luvaholic's Prayers

        Dear Father, YOU are my covering - Send YOUR Royal Angel's - I NEED YOU - NO DELAYS - COME NOW !!! SOS in the HOLY name of JESUS 

        A friend of mine has turned his life back over to God and has been asked to be a guest speaker at a church to give his testimony. He gets nervous speaking in front of people, but really wants to do this. Let's pray for comfort for him as he is on that stage and for God to help him know the right things to say. 

        Please pray for me: Salvation for my family. They are all atheists. May GOD convict them of sin, the certainty of hell, and the free Gift of Jesus' salvation. That GOD who destroy their idols that they would cry out to HIM. Jesus' clear leading on financial matters and if/which house to buy. That the thorns and thistles in my life would not quench the Holy Spirit. That I would be filled with the Joy of the Lord, willingly entering into the fellowship of Christ's sufferings and take up my cross daily. To have the mindset of considering the tribulations of this present age unworthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed in me. To treasure Jesus above all. That I would be a doer of GOD's word, not just a hearer. That HE would lead me into a ministry according to the gifts of the Spirit, so when I stand at the bema seat I will hear “well done good and faithful servant. If it be His will, that I would find a wife, a proverbs 31 woman, and to be worthy of her. GOD's wisdom, guidance, direction, in what to do in this crumbling economy and culture. (Though, by the enclosed gift, I am storing up treasures in heaven where moth, rust, and bankers cannot destroy) That I would find an accountability group, and the courage to be vulnerable in confessing sin. Healing of my tinnitus, lower back pain and a herniated disk. Lastly, as the Holy Spirit leads you to pray for me. From October 5-12 I will be on a spiritual water fast, that Jesus would do a great work in me. 

        I am waiting for your miracle. Please don't forsake me. Everything is stacking up against me. 

        Lord I pray today I receive a miracle. I pray for contact and pray they are apologetic and appreciate me. I pray I'm on their minds all day and lord they react to these thoughts and contact. Lord you say those who ask shall receive. Please lord answer my prayers. I have seen pastors and read the bible and prayed and I continue to wait. I pray one day my prayers are answered. I have faith but feel maybe I'm asking too much as having them contact and apology is asking for a miracle and a mountain to be moved. Lord I pray you can move this mountain. Amen 

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