Luvaholic's Prayers

        God, Thank you for all of the blessings you have blessed me with. God, I pray my boss will print my checks out he owes me and gives them to me, I don't feel right by him giving me money from the cash register drawer when he should be doing his job and printing the checks out like he is supposed to. God, I am fed up with my boss and my other co-worker, the money people put in the lottery machines, they pay themselves for the money they win, they’re not supposed to, it is called stealing, and the money from the lottery machines, helps to donate for people to go to college and buy new classroom books, etc.. God, I ask you to please make my boss print my checks and give them to me. God, I did the work him, I am one who likes to obey the law, and getting paid under the table is wrong. God, I pray you will heal those with the Ebola virus in The U.S.A., in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia, it is not our faults. God, I ask and beg you to please be with the Dr.'s and nurses when giving the medicine so you and them can control it and dispose of it properly, by burning it. God, It isn't our faults, please have mercy on The U.S.A., those infected tried to help those who were infected and now they are sick, so I ask you to please have mercy on us, control the virus, dispose of it properly by burning it, and it being vanquished from our country, please. God, I ask you to please help The U.S.A. fight Ebola, to make it disappear our country. God, I ask you to please give us the serum that will rod of Ebola, so we can continue to worship and praise you and tell how good you are for helping us. God, I ask you to please control Ebola and dispose of it by burning it. God, I ask you today to please come and help us fight Ebola, by giving us the cure. God, I pray for all. God, I know you are with me. God, I pray for wisdom, knowledge, laughter, love, always healed, healing touches, maturity, cleanliness, knowing, the right answers, your Godly words, seeing, Godly ideas, respect, courage, strength, happiness, truth, Godly truth, Godly answers, the angels you have sent to watch over me and protect me and my family. God, I pray you will prepare a place for me and my children and family with you band Jesus in Heaven. God, I love you. God, You are good to me and my family, thank you. God, Please keep is safe from all. God, I pray for your forgiveness, mercy, love, wisdom, truth, wrapped in your loving arms, listening to your words of wisdom. God, I ask you to please help my little girl when you get a chance to, she don't won't to bring home her books and read them, and I've talked to her, spanked her and she still forgets. Education is very important, she needs a good job when she grows up, to care for her family, and education is where good joins are, so please help her. God, I ask you to please answer my prayer request. God, I love you, I need you, God. God, Please shield my family with your shield filled with protection, wisdom, cures, love, laughter, kindness, mercy, friendship, truth, you. God, In Jesus' name, I pray! Amen!

        Praying for a healing miracle from side effects due to a light stroke and possible tumors. I am also praying to be used of God to minister healing to others

        Thank you Lord for all my blessings. Thank you for surrounding me with family that truly loves me. I'm now understanding that everything happens for a reason. I might not understand why, but I trust you completely. I pray for you to give me strength every day and remember the good days we had and not dwell on the bad. Thank you Father for changing me. Please continue to work on me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

New Beginnings1212
        We speak and declare into existence 100 fold right now move the mountains Jehovah Jireh El Shaddai open up heaven fast and easy for me and Christina we apply today and get great daytime jobs mon-fri either at visiting angels or elk grove job CNA Lord help and make it to where I don't have to miss anymore work at merry maids they hire me on the spot or a miracle phone interview something Lord make a way there is no way today according to God's will 100 fold with the blood of Jesus according to God's will right now with the blood of Jesus according to God's will all.the way from the spiritual into the physical

Devoted Wife
        Heavenly Father I prayer for an increase in faith. M y husband is cheating and I approached him he says it is over but I am having trouble believing him I hae no trust in him. I ask that you please help me to trust my husband again and remove the woman that is causing him to sin. Please being your peace and love back into my marriage I know that I have asked and you will answer me in Jesus name Thank you Father.

        I will praise Thee o Lord with all of my heart. Your mercy and compassion has been shown to be real and true. Thank you for filling our sanctuary with lost souls. Empty souls that needed God in their lives. Please keep them faith to You to the end. Please fill them with the precious Holy Spirit to cast out devils that torment them with anxiety, fear, worry and stress. Keep them as the apple of Your eye. In Jesus name. Amen

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