Luvaholic's Prayers

        I pray S doesn't catch roommate's contagious illness. May S stay healthy with the full load of courses & studies. I ask healing of all bodies from all sickness. Holy Spirit, bring a softening of hearts, turn souls toward relationships with Jesus as Savior of souls & Lord above all. InJesusName

Mother of Four
        Lord u know my situation.. Lord please answer my prayer

        Lord, life is so short. But eternity is so very, very long. Save my friends and family in Jesus name Amen

        Please pray for encouragement. Please Lord come quickly. Feel like drowning. Every door I try seems to be slammed in my face. I don't know how to get out of this horrible isolation. These attacks on me and my loved ones. This discouragement from all sides. Please come quickly Lord.

        Please pray for my wife and I to trust each other when it comes to texting and other friends. Pray for her heart to heal after I was really asking detailed questions and tracked her car. She is very upset. Father please heal her heart and the situation. Our family

        Dear god, recently just I am cheated by my superiors, they transfer me far alone from my family. I can’t live without my family. God please transfer my services to near from my family. I just want to live daily with my family please transfer my service from present place to nearby from my family. I just want to see my family in morning and evening .help me

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