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New Beginnings1212
         I am redeemed from the midday curse I have extraordinary favor with God and with man Luke 2 : 52 x7x7x7 right now 

        Please God have mercy and give me peace. Amen. 

         The demons attacking my eyebrows again please pray for protection ,in Jesus name 

 Please let this software NOT work today so my boss can't listen to my calls also please let me.find another job asap. 

        Dear God please protect me and keep me safe at work. I currently work in a very toxic negative and hostile work environment. God I believe that is why YOU blessed me with a new position. I am so thankful grateful and humbled by being blessed with a new position. Please God guide those who are in charge of my transfer to let it happen soon. Please protect me because there are people who are sabotaging me prior to my transfer. IJNIP, AMEN.

        We need help to find money to have in the bank before we have overdraft charges I found a little change in the car but it won't help that much. Please we need a miracle prayer that we will find money to help not have overdraft charges in the bank. I have prayed and it still hasn't helped us please pray for us I don't know what we are going to do. Please pray for us thanks and god bless you

        Application sent. God, please help me.

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