Luvaholic's Prayers

        Lord God Heavenly Father...................once again I don't know what else to think. Can't you see my suffering and the rest of your children's suffering, why don't you do something about it..............what is stopping you from helping us, your children who are in desperate need. Can't you hear our cries and tears and feel our pain..................why don't you let yourself be moved by our thirst and need for justice. Is God really dense by not paying attention to us!!!! What does God really wants?????

        Heavenly Father, Thank you for all that you are and my blessings and my lessons. Please forgive me for my sins. Please extend your grace, guidance, and strength to me. Please show mercy on me and my family and provide a blessing for us regarding our housing situation. Please help to keep me strong in my faith and to listen and HEAR you will and keep me on track to follow it. Please silence those who speak or move against me. Please soften their hearts toward me and show them that my intentions are good. Please keep me strong and give me peace in my heart and mind. I pray for this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

New Hope
        I hope you will also bless what I did yesterday for my Cheryl at W.W in YESHUA name amen and bring me great news closer to my goal.

        I broke my fast please forgive me time got away from me n I didn’t know I would finish so quickly amen

        I pray for Grace to be able to focus on her schoolwork and finish her homework and become the beautiful young woman you need for her to be. I pray Grace will be more active and motivated around the house, to help clean up, etc.. I pray for Austin to keep up his good grades in school and maybe he can visit our Aunt Betty and Uncle John during the summer and they stay safe. I pray for Austin, God, you will send him a beautiful girlfriend he can be confident in, and share his dreams with a special someone and they stay together and are sweethearts and they can take turns visiting each other’s homes. I pray for Billy, he will pick his grades up and keep them picked up, and God will send him a beautiful girl he can confide in ad the will stay together and come and they can visit each other’s homes and he will help keep the house clean. I pray for Evan, he will meet new friends. He will keep his grades up in school and he will help keep the house and yard clean. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen
May God hear and bless all of your prayers and needs!

        Our Father in Heaven please hear our prayers. Lord thank you for this day to praise your name. Thank you Lord for all the things you’ve done for me I kneel before you. Lord keep me focused and take away my fears free my finances you’ve shown me so much mercy, bring good people in my life protect me from my enemies make sure my journey is safe as I leave for work and back there is nothing to small Lord I know you can change things in a wink of your eye .I pray in Jesus name Amen

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