Luvaholic's Prayers

        Son in law and daughter are moving, praying that they can work together in the move and not argue take time to hear each other.

        Thank you God for this day as I can pray to you. Lord you know my situation continue to work on me and in me. . Lord a very special prayer for a dear friend guide them through their storm bring them peace and comfort father I pray in Jesus name Amen

        My husband cannot get his medication filled. He has called 8 pharmacies and no one has it. The only pharmacy that does will cost him 450.00. Please pray that the Lord will find me a pharmacy to fill this prescription. He really needs kt. Bless you.

        I want to pray that I can stop thinking too much and stop worrying and letting people get to me and all the things I think about and see and remember will fade and jesus take my heart and give me new brain and new heart

        Dear God please help me. I am getting so despondent. Please God guide those in charge to help make my transition to my new position to happen soon. My negative toxic hostile work environment is getting to me. It is impacting me physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. Help me please God. YOU blessed me with this new position God, let me transition to it soon. IJNIP, AMEN.

        Lets Spread the Prayer chain too all the nation and all the creation and Pray that People find Jesus in there heart and help them learn the truth and yet

Pray that Jesus to come more then we pray for everything else in the world!

        Let Your Will Be Done In My Life Right Now
In Jesus Name, AMEN!!!!

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