Luvaholic's Prayers

             Praying that God gives helps comfort my wife and I as we will have to put down our faithful dog tomorrow. Also continued prayer for my eyes and skin cancer to be healed 

             Please pray for my son Ted on his way to the ER to have brain liquid drained from his stomach from faulty shunts put in for his hydrocephalus years ago. They need to know where excess liquid is coming from. Please pray for the doctor, Ted, his family who are distraught and the healthy healing. Prayers needed ASAP and healing sooner than that! I thank you all. ..I thank God for his continued blessings to us all. Please pray for us. 

The Praying Disciple
             Thank You so much that you are praying for us. I want to tell you that we are facing lot of problems. Please pray for those people who are against us. Please pray for our neighbor who is quarreling with us for no reason since 2 years. He is also threatening us. Please pray that our Lord will give us peace and safety. Also will shut the mouths of those who are against us. 

             Dear Lord, my God and Savior. Hear my prayer. With your strength and divine intervention, give me the knowledge and wisdom I need to manifest my heart’s desires. Help me to be what I need to be to get Ken back. Guide me oh Lord. I love Him, and my heart desires to be his wife, to share the rest of our lives together to praise and adore you. Please God, open his heart back up to me. Clear his mind and let it be open to me. Erase all doubt and fear of me that evil spirits have placed within him. Please make him talk to me positively. Please make him stay in contact with me in love. Please bless me with the wisdom to speak the right words so I can be in his heart once again. Make Ken's love for me greater and bigger than his pride and ego. Please Lord. I pray for your help and guidance in order to receive the blessing of Ken as my own again. I am grateful for your works and blessings. In Jesus's name I pray, Amen. 

            Lord God Jesus thank you so much for the blessing you have given us to acquire our own  store business. Help me God and direct all my decions for it to become successful. Bless my relationship with my boyfriend that it will continue to grow and lasting. Help us to understand and always guide us to the right path.  Bless my kids, my mom and my two brothers. I also pray to help me for friends. I need help to remove negative people and behavior and depression out of my life. Fromtoday forward, I want to be begin the process of being the best me. I think that prayer has the power to heal. Just also need prayer from outside sources to give me more faith and hope. We praise, adore, bless, glorify, honor, love You. Please bless us and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken. Amen

            My friend is coming home tomorrow from a trip. I would like to have the Lord do a shake up during the trip on him for him to see the light.. I don't care what it takes to get him to see.. He is so stubborn and the Lord knows what he needs. He is also hanging around the wrong crowd and pray that his heart will soften to me, because I am the only Christian friend he has right now. And Satan is trying to take him away.. Thank you

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