Today's Episode With JJs: Daycare Scenario

Today's episode with JJs: Daycare Scenario

Me: Jacob, why didn't you behave today?

Janelle: I know why mommy!

Me: Janelle, I was talking to Jacob.

Jacob: Because tree (three) guls (girls) were being mean to me. They call me names.

Me: wha....
Jacob: Dem (Them) call me dummy, dumb dumb, and ugly. I wanted to beat dem (them) up, but you said I can't hit guls(girls)!

Me: Janelle, where were you? How come you didn't defend your brother?

Janelle: I...

Jacob: She was in da(the) bafroom(bathroom). I cwied (cried)

Me: Why would you cry? Do you think you are what those little girls called you?

Janelle: Excuse me, mommy can I say something?

Me: Yes, Janelle

Janelle: Jacob, you are the most handsome boy. You are smart. Don't let those words define you.

Me: That's right Janelle.

Janelle: Mom, I said all of that, because I knew you were going to say the same thing.

Jacob: It's ok Janelle, I told dem (them) dey(they) are ugly. Dem(them) nevu (never) be my gulfwends(girlfriends).
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