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I'm a student that is a mature man. I would like myself to be more organized and have things like schedules organization in order as well as looking to opportunities to supplement my disability. I to really need to keep up with classes and video lectures and MP3. So I obtain a better grade and have more information to work with. I like school, I like church. But also I like the things that are social and have to with travel, spending some time with family in the near future.
I'm also seeking volunteer or some pay time for things that are related to my course of study and the gift of high comprehension that the Lord has blessed me with and creative mind (imagination - vision).
Please agree with me in prayer and for the needs and miracles that pertain to others also receiving of God what we hope for and expect with faith.
Mental, physical, emotional, recovery is still a part of my life and trust issues.

Revival in the lives of those that already believe prayer for those that are lost and need Yeshua - Jesus, in their lives and miracles with signs and wonders to follow..Mark 16:16.
Mark 16:16 is still important in life and the many other blessings I have received still receiving.
Prayer for the homeless, broken, and hurt. Those in need of a friend and the friendship of the church's and messianic temples.

Requesting healing for my leg after surgery. The location of the stitches (near foot) is making it hard for the skin to heal. God is good, thank you!

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