Today's Episode With The JJs:

This morning (@5:30 a.m.) we were walking to our truck. It was raining. There were earthworms out. One was beside our truck.

Janelle: Aww, Mommy! Look how cute that worm is. We need to put them back on the grass. Be careful Jacob, do you see the........
Janelle: Noooooooooooooooooooo JACOB! Why did you do that?
Jacob: Cuz I felt like it!
Janelle: (starts crying) That hurt my heart Jacob! They (the worms) are a part of nature too! When they help nature, they help us too!!!
Jacob: Hahahaha, you a cwy (cry) baby Janelle.

Me: Jacob, that wasn't nice. Janelle, the worm is still alive.
Jacob: See Janelle, your fwiend (friend) didn't die! Stop cwying (crying)!
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