Today's Episode With The JJs:

Today's Episode with the JJs:


Me: Jacob, come give mommy a hug. I love you.
Jacob:  I love you too. But fost(first)  let me take a selfie....
Me: For real man??lol
Jacob: Fow (for) wheel (real)!

Me: Janelle, your turn.
Janelle: (hugs me tightly) I love you mommy!
Me: I love you too Juju.
Janelle: Mommy, do you know I think about you all day.
Me: Aww, thank you. I think about you and Jacob all day as well.
Janelle: I worry about you (concerned face)
Me: Why Juju? Mommy is ok.
Janelle: I know that, because I pray for you. God listens when I pray. You are my life. I don't want anything to happen to you.
Me: :") Come here too Jacob (tight  hug) We are a team.
Janelle: I know, but me and Jacob are still kids. We are not doing a lot.
Me:Juju, it's "Jacob and I" and just because you're  not a grown up does not mean you're  not doing a lot.
You do a lot: You and Jacob go to school. You behave with your teachers and respect your friends. You help mommy when you're  good and help around our home. You're a big sister. You and Jacob watch over each other in before and aftercare until mommy gets there. You and Jacob have the JJ&A Foundation to run.

Janelle: Thank you mommy :) You're so nice. I want to be just like you.
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