Luvaholic Prayers

Lord, please help Young to be in Your will. Help her to hear Your voice and receive Your blessing. I ask that You would save her and draw her away from all unrighteousness. In Jesus name, amen

 Dear Lord, almighty and giving, hear my prayer. Give me the strength to forgive the hurt cast upon me, and let Papo the one I love also forgive me for any hurt I have inflicted, just as You, with infinite mercy, forgive all our wrongs. Please Lord let him forget about that woman that he is with and left him see the true meaning of the love that we have for each other. Lord, You are with me always, and with Papo who left me. Behold our emptiness, and let us both be filled with equal love for each other. Grant my plea to reunite us with Your blessing. Amen

 God I know you are good but I need enough money to pay my bills this month thats my prayer today and this week.

 Thank you for your continued prayers for Kelly, my mom, my sister and myself. Thank you Jesus for all the things you have already done and for your help. We are weak and broken but nothing is impossible for you. Thank you.

 there will be no more decay in my teeth in jesus name I command my whole teeth health transformed now really really white straight level best ever in every way now in jesus name please pray

 Please pray that my marriage with Brandy is restored. God please give me favor in Brandys eyes and heart. Please pray that God changes her heart and mind and guides her back to me. Deliver her from alcoholism. Deliver her from having a hard heart towards me and our marriage and deliver her daughter from having a hard heart towards me.
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