Luvaholic Prayers

 Pray I drink more water n milk

 Please pray for emi..he has a big/ important test tomorrow,wednesday..please pray he does very well and that God gets the glory. In Jesus name amen :) thankyou

 Healing of deep wounds.

JimThank you Jesus for prayer and all your prayer warriors. Remove and forgive us for all of our sins, ungodly cares, fears and worries. Bless everyone that seeks you with their hearts desires. Thank you Jesus for the miracle of life, miracles of healing, friendships, foods, fun, wisdom for invention and everything, even hard times especially when they bless us to find you. You truly are amazing Lord! Thank you Lord Jesus for continuing to bless my wife Amy and I with love for each other, for blessing our house with salvation, for continuing to watch over us with your hedge of protection, forgiveness of our sins, forgiveness for each other, delivering us from all evil and all temptations, blessing our finances, blessing us with work and blessing us to be found by those looking for our type of businesses, blessing us with help that we need and blessing our clients and drivers with safety. Lord comfort Amy and remove any anxiety or fears she may have for me or anything, help her look to you, heal her, bless her to share in everything with me. Lord have mercy on us and give us excitement and desire to always draw near to you, each other and our family. Thank you Jesus for continuing to heal our whole house, children and grandchildren with love and forgiveness. Convict Brad to pay the gas money he owes his mother. Continue to destroy strongholds that the enemy has in our lives. Bless us to choose the good and refuse the evil. Bless Amy with peace and comfort to love to be home and be a good helpmate and convicting her to help with our family business not running off when her friends, family, etc. call unless we can go together. Thank you Jesus for blessing us to know the power of your Name! Thank you Jesus for healing us of our infirmities Lord, for healing Amy's teeth and blessing us with normal blood pressure. Remove any curses, let no weapon formed against us prosper and heal Amy's hands and arms. Bless us with our finances and to enjoy our labors Lord. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with favor in each other, all those we do business with and know. Bless us to get things done we need to do with family, home and work. Bless us with our sleep, to be fruitful with each other, with peace and take away anxieties. Bless our equipment to work and last Lord. Thank you Jesus for blessing our children, daughter in laws and grand children with love, honor, forgiveness and respect of us Lord. Convict Drake to honor, listen and obey Grandma & Grandpa and give us love and patience for him. Bless Amy and my mom to love each other. Bless our pets. Bless our countries, our economies, our leaders, our laws, our workers, our jobs so that we don't have many homeless and the homeless. Bless a revival to break out across the nations with your strong arm and your mighty hand of restraint of sin ever so much stronger Lord. I lift everything up to you, bless us with peace. All In Jesus name, Amen  Loves Jesus

 lord, I am here again asking your help to heal my sister, camille. lord, please protect my family always lord. I ask all of these in your name. amen.

 need your prayers And some renewed confidence and courage before the endeavor and action I am taking. Please pray for friend A., And for me. Thank you. God bless you.

 Please pray that my marriage with Brandy is restored. God please give me favor in Brandys eyes and heart. Please pray that God changes her heart and mind and guides her back to me. Deliver her from alcoholism. Deliver her from having a hard heart towards me and our marriage and deliver her daughter from having a hard heart towards me.

please pray
I'm sad
Oppressed daily
And I need gods help
I don't know how to live like this
Lord have mercy on me
I can't take no more
Depression is crushing me

God, I pray for all on this web site. God, I pray for all of those who aren't on this web site. God, I pray you hear every prayer and bless and answer them according to thy will. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen
May God hear and bless all of your prayers and needs!

 I give thanks for a new day of life for me and my loved ones, for our roof on our heads, food, love for each other, and our income. I thank you for each one of them. My prayers are not only for me but also for them cause we are the whole package. Bless you my Jesus, bless them also me all of them. I pray for them to keep our health, respect, roof , food, and love for each other, and also our income, let our be wiser with it and also to increase it. Protect us in each step we make. please the pets included. Protect us from evil, evildoers, en make us wise. I pray to be able to pay our debts specially study loans, make us wise. I pray for my toe that it gets better, and the health of my loved ones. You know each of our necessities , and you know I cant remember everything now, but you do. Love you God, help us, guide us each day. Make me wise at work, give me patience, give me more hours at a school, and specially teach me how to be a teacher like you, and thank you for being with us. Protect us while driving. I pray for the doggy we saw yesterday the stray, that she gets a home, and a great life, or help us to give her a home. Bless her protect her I named her Rita. Protect our strays Dogs and cats, please God they are suffering, there are evil people out there hurting them. Please help people learn how to treat animals well.
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