Luvaholic Prayers

 I get the couch paid in a cheap amount in full they accept 700 or less and wipe it clean now

I have recently received 3 new contracts yet 2 of my clients are unreachable about feedback on work I sent them, as well as further work.  I did not receive any hours last week from either of them.  On the 3rd contract, this was supposed to be 20 hours per week, he only sent me 5 hours worth of work for which he has not commented with feedback nor provided further work for this week.  I'm just feeling very overwhelmed with not enough income from last week, no income for this week to speak of, and I've sent 2 articles in to another client for which I have received payment but haven't heard from him regarding further work.  I'm feeling a bit panicked and don't know what to do.  I'll admit, the stress of all this has led me to feel blocked creatively and I cannot even work on the 2 books I've been working on for fear of not having income this week.  I keep praying but I don't receive any blessing, any answer, nor any peace.  I've been working from home as a divorced/single parent for a few years and I hate the idea of having to go out and get another office job.  Nothing is ever set in stone, such as an ongoing position as people are laid off all the time.  Plus, I hate the thought of not being here for my teenage daughter.  The whole idea of parenting for me was to be here for her, to actually raise her.  I know I'm rambling.  I guess I am just asking for prayers for God to help me, send me some answers, bless our lives and give me peace about whatever decision I need to make for me and my family.  I feel so lost right now.  Thank you.

 Lord I lift up to You my brothers here LoveReturns, Don, Regretfully, RAP05, as well as Jesusluvs for healing. By His Stripes they are healed. Lord in Jesus Name I command any illness in their bodies to go, at the Name of Jesus it has to flee. Lord in Jesus Name I command healing and health in their bodies and cells, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead resides in them bringing healing in its path. In Jesus Name all illness is rebuked from them. Thank You Lord. Amen and amen.

 Holy Spirit, I feel someone's pain within me, because I have been so joyful today but I feel these waves of random sadness. Lord, I know You know who that is and what to do to deliver them. I ask Lord for Your touch on whoever it is whose pain You are letting me feel. Let them tremble at Your word and feel Your awesome love. In Jesus name, amen

 Please lord make me worthy to escape the things that shall come to pass and stand before the son of man washed clean in the lambs blood. according to the fathers will in Jesus Christ name amen.

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