Luvaholic Prayers

  Sarah And Cody
FAITHFULNESS,ROMANCE,INTELLECT, CONVERSATION/COMMUNICATION&AGAPE LOVE w/to each other.Deliver them IMMEDIATELY from every EVIL,LIE,HARM,TEST,TEMPTATION,&EVERY ONE&thing not from God Almighty.Knock down,destroy,remove&block EVERY&ALL snares &strongholds in their paths,&DRIVE a wedge between Cody &EVERY single female that isn't Sarah immediately+permanently.Also drive a wedge between Sarah &EVERY single male that isn't Cody immediately+permanently(not fam)PRAISE GOD FOR Cody & Sarah getting married TO EACH OTHER.Let their marriage to each other be SO beautiful,SO loving,SO lifelong,SO KIND,STRONG&full of ROMANCE,JOY&FAITHFULNESS FOR EACH OTHER,that it CONSTANTLY glorifies God.FILL their relationship w/such love,passion,beauty,honesty& romance,like in SONG OF SONGS.Let them do good/the right thing even when alone,out of love & respect for each other& God.Do not let ANYONE OR ANYTHING COME BETWEEN THEM OR NEAR THEM,EVER!Let them ONLY &ALWAYS have eyes for each other& have undying devotion to each other.When we ask our Father for a fish,he doesn't give us a snake-Lk11:11-In Jesus Name,Amen

 If you would lift me in prayer as I let go of someone that I love as much as my own children. He made the decision to leave the family. It breaks my heart but it's time for my well being to let him go. I appreciate all the prayers.

Let us pray for professional development in my life! Let us pray to be really incredible expert exposed, authority and most capable in this career! Let us pray to really earn very serious and good income from professional development, which will be a great pleasure and delight for me and it is for God's glory! I believe in God and seek and your support in these difficult moments for me! I ask for your support! God bless you!

Please pray for me that God will show me a sign of favor at work (not just today) but overall
I prayed for this. In Jesus Name. Amen.

 My wife Patty Ann and me, Joel, got remarried in January 2014. She is drinking and seeing another man. We got divorced on Jan 15th She is bipolar and going through menopause. This is our second marriage to each other in 4 years. She told me a 2 months ago she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore, I am also donating a kidney to her mother. She told me that I am holding that over her head. She is listening to her friends they have a lot if influence on her, we Also work together and she is complaining about me at work even though I leave her alone. She is not talking to me at all she doesn't even look at me. Please pray that The Holy Spirt will convict her heart and that she will accept The Lord as her savior. And for remarriage. Thank you

 Why am i still here ? I have no car,no phone, no full time job,and have been homeless for 8 months.I am tired and weary. I just want a normal life again 9 to 5. A car , a bed, and a saving account .The older i get the more unnecessary i feel.Lord you are here and i am here waiting on instructions from you for my next step on this journey in life. Lord send you angels quickly to rescue me.InJesus name I pray Amen,Amen
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