Luvaholic Prayers

God I lift this person and the situation up to you. God please convict him that it is wrong to discard a person from his life just because they are no longer worth it because they got what they wanted from them. Intercede God so that he does not get the money he is seeking after going back on his promise. I pray for accountability, realization and that his conscience will be awakened and for him to see the wrongs he has done and is still doing. Open his eyes and heart ask only you can God to see the hurt he has caused and for him to feel the same hurt. In the name of Jesus I pray on this matter, Amen.

Please Need Prayers for a dear friend and myself. Please pray for peace and reassurance.

Let us pray for professional development in my life! Let us pray to be really incredible expert , the power member, and most capable in this career! Let us pray to really earn very serious and good income from professional development, which will be a great pleasure and delight for me and it is for God's glory! Let us pray the Lord my dreams come true for professional development and even exceed them! I believe in God and seek and your support in these difficult moments for me! I ask for your support! God bless you!

Continuing to pray
My wife ("K") of 16 years left me last May. Blindsided me. No complaints or warnings, just didn't come home one day and texted me ("C") to let me know she was leaving me. I later found out she is having an affair. Prior to this she was one of the most godly women I have ever met. Please pray that God will convict her of her sin of adultery and that the ungodly relationship will implode. We are in the midst of divorce proceedings, but I do not want the divorce. I wish to reconcile, but she is still living with her paramour.

 Please pray for the salvation of Alex. That God would completely deliver him from the bondages that currently have a hold on him. That Alex would turn his heart to God. That he would serve him all the days of his life. Please pray for me. I need Gods patience. Lord help me to have more faith and trust in you, to place all my worries and anxious thoughts in you. Help me to love the way you love. What good is it if I tell him that I love him, if I cant show him. Help me to love him the way that you love me. Please pray for restoration of our relationship. That its foundation would be set on Gods word. God give us love, trust, respect, patience, loyalty...all that love is Father, let it be founded in our relationship. I stand firmly on your promise that whatever I ask in your name that you will hear me and that you will bless me with answered prayers. Use me as a vessel Lord to do your work here on earth. Im asking in your name Jesus that your will be done on earth as it in heaven. You say God that we can have heaven here on earth, hear my prayer Lord God. In Jesus name I pray...Amen

 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I'm growing very concerned about my job. God knows my needs and the situation. Please ask Him to touch the hearts of my superiors and cause them to desire to keep me on the job. I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen.

please pray for me to have all of God and be able to hear his physical voice everyday i wanna have conversations with him i wanna know him and his character i want him to financially bless me with provison i want to go pray for people on the streets and see miracle healings thanks
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