Prayers For My Grandmother Please

My Luvaholic Warriors,
Please pray for my grandmother! We recently found out that she has cancer and her surgery is set for tomorrow.
She is one of the strongest women I have ever met!
She gave birth to 9 children ( two passed at birth).
My grandfather passed soon after that, leaving her with 7 children to raise on her own.
Poverty and motherhood gave her the strength to focus and turn her adversity into motivation; instead of an excuse. She never got married again. She didn't rely on anyone to help her. She and her children made it through.
Honestly, that's why I refuse to be lazy or rely on anyone. I have God, my health, and will power!
Tata, you will make it through! JJs and I have been praying for you.
Your name: Nur means light. You may feel dim right now,  but we send you ALL of our positive energy. Don't  be afraid grandma.
Close your eyes with reassurance that we are by your side in spirit. Be peaceful for you will be taken care of!

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