Random: My Thoughts: AFRICA


Disclaimer: My thoughts and post aren't around race.  Think spiritually.

 I may get some negative comments on this; however......

I'm originally from Jerusalem.  Living there and living in America, mixed with a little religion, spirituality, and politics...

I strongly believe that the Jews in the "Holy land" are not the real Jews. They are not the "chosen" people waiting for their Christ (Anti-Christ). I think they know that too.

Europeans tampered with that. Created an illusional story off of the real story. They are still tampering with it all...they know what they are doing.

 The real "Chosen people" came from Africa. They were taken from their motherland and were forced to mix their blood with "non-chosen people". (The non- chosen people may have done it thinking they will gain the power of God).

Long story short, every blood line traces back to Africa.

What do you think the blood that flows through your body is? Our spirits never die...they are transferred. We are all connected!

You may hate people. That's because you were subconsciously taught to do so.

Please remove the deceptive lens off of your third eye! Times like this calls for it the most. Do not be distracted by those that are being sacrificed. It's a warning signal to wake up; not build hatred.

I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. Even conscious humans are missing a piece of the puzzle.

When they say, "All roads lead to Rome" Read between the lines.
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