Luvaholic Prayers

 God, guard my family and me in heart, body and soul. I pray save my children today and help with their questions so they claim eternal salvation living with Jesus their Lord. Deliver us from all evil today. ijna

 Please pray for me--sooo tired.--long story.--need strength!!!--afraid for my health.pray for my brother as well-we are both very stressed these days in many ways.-thank you, Amen and may you all have a sunny and blessed! day. <3 br="" cindy.="">
Please Lord Jesus Let The Garbage Truck Take Away Our Garbage  Wednesday. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Christ Child
 I'm in school working on my presentation but I'm struggling. There was an it guy he helped me. I need his help again but he is no where to be found. Please pray that he comes back to the computer lab asap.

Lord, You know all the details… I pray for some encouragement even today… In Jesus Name. amen

Dear Father God...You know everything and there's must be a reason why You've allowed all these apparently sorrows, tragic events in my life...but I've been told that God is good all the time and I need to choose to TRUST YOU.  Father, thank you for letting me come to you and thank you for watching me...I may be silly to have been crying since Friday.  I've cried so much but maybe you've actually thinking that I'm silly to cry that much and actually you've been hugging me and actually you've been watching the entire situation so much and is in the process of working it out to the best for me.  Thank you in advance and thank for now Lord.  Lord Jesus, I'm still very sick and I pray that you can heal my illness...only YOU can and I want to see You as my best doctor.  Father, thank you for V.  We've had lots of fun together and now thank you for letting me see what he is really like.  He does not know or love you at all.  I am so sorry he was yelling at you last night after all you've done for him.  Father, please speak into his heart and bring him to you.  Father, I didn't want to let go but I have to...I can't continue to love romantically a person who does not love you.  Father, please speak to V so he will feel your love and Father, please bring me a spouse who will love YOU and we can minister together if You think it is good for me.  Father, thank you.  I really also want to thank all the prayer warriors who had prayed for me because I've cried so much the last few days and the only reason I have a breakthrough now is that they've all prayed for me and You've sent Your holy angels to be with me.  I felt abandon but I need to believe You've chosen me.  Please don't abandon me ever.  Thank you.

Please save, help and bless me. Please heal my health and bless me with a life so unbelievable beyond my imagination so I can testify your amazing love for me...For the last three days...I felt like a piece of garbage and of no good use to anyone...and a loser...Father, I want to be precious, useful and a victorious winner or at least a winner in something...Father, I didn't feel loved...please forgive me and continue to show me your love. I love you... Thank you for everything You've given me and my top priority prayer request is please heal my health completely.  Thank you. I pray in Jesus' precious name, Amen.   
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