Luvaholic Prayers

Please brothers and sisters, pray for me! I have a very strong need for the Lord! It's that I'm a young man, but the lack of a good career and financial instability, collapse my male self-confidence. How to be the breadwinner and take responsibility? Please, support me with your prayers! Let us pray,best career and financial stability and blessings. Let us pray, I strongly broadcast - security, stability, courage and all the qualities that I dream! And let all this be the end of my life and for the glory of God! Thank you for your compassion and support! I believe that if we all unite together in prayer, the Lord will give me so long-awaited victory. God bless you!

 Luis fixes my car fast and Omar fixes blazer fast Dad tells Omar all the good I have been doing now. Lizzy helps with grandpa Noah tells Lizzy we need to help your grandpa your Mom is doing alot

 I just came from the doctor's office and I am having a problem with my Thyroid not functioning correctly. I am going to have to take twice as much medication as I had to in the past. This is just a minor problem but could you all please pray for me.

Please pray that today we receive news that our health insurance went through so my husband can get better and return to work. Please also pray that we can get a temporary loan to get us by in this troubling time for us. Please also Lord let where we are living continue to work with us until we get our financial situation in hand. Please let us begin to see light at the end of the tunnel to give us a ray of hope that there are better times ahead for our family.

 Please pray for me not to be pregnant. At this complicated stage of my life..working and trying to get back into school. I do not have time and cannot financially afford a baby. This would bring a ton of stress and depression to me. Please God, don't allow me to have a baby for a few years from now. Please allow me to get myself together, and be celibate for until your timing Lord. Please do me this favor please.
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