Luvaholic Prayers

 Lord I just want to thank you and everyone who has prayed me my requests and Lord let their prayers be answered to. Lord tomorrow will be 9 months since Papo left me to be with this other woman. Lord give me strength everyday, I sometimes feel sad and sometimes I'm okay. Lord let Papo see the wrong of his ways and I have seen the wrong of my ways. Lord you know I never even thought of lusting over another man. I always Loved and care for Papo and he knows this. Lord let him see the light through you. Thank you Lord for always being there for me.

Noel Mauricio
 Going 2 c Nephrologist nxt Monday the 11th. Had lab work done on the 1st of May 2 check 4 kidney/liver functions. Bth organs already showing evidence of damage due 2 advanced diabetes. TY 4 ur prayers!

Father God,

I thank you for the opportunity to pray for others

Father God,

I lift D.P. and M.A. up to you in prayer

Father God,

I pray that by your mighty power that you will heal D.P. and M.A. life and be healed. Save him and he will be saved, for you are the one we praise. Lord, I need you, I thank you, I trust you, I love you. In Jesus Christ Name I Pray Amen

 Heavenly Father, please help my sister to stop have the pains she is having. Also to get a good nights sleep, to sleep through the night. Thank you for praying with us. God bless
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