Luvaholic Prayers

"Many of you are about to have doors of opportunity presented to you. As they come, don't hesitate to walk thru them. On the other side is favor, provision, increase, and greatness. It's your season for change."

Yes LORD yes, thank you

 Praying for healing in health: Father God, I pray that I become healthy that whatever that is not supposed to be in my body will be cleansed, be gone and I am healthy because I have Christ as my personal doctor. Please give me a strong memory. Please strengthen my memory and heal me from whatever that is affecting my health. Thank you Father God for letting me know You. Thank you also for Your love and healing. I need to learn to trust You and thank you for letting me know nothing is impossible with You. Let’s pray that Father God, You bless me with wisdom, peace and healing physically, emotionally and psychologically. Well, as always, I pray for G, D, M, W, V to come to know and to accept You, Jesus Christ, as their Saviour, Lord, Father God. Please Father God, I pray for good health, wisdom, peace, hope, joy and love for me and my family. Thank you for the people praying for me and also the people running this site. God, may You bless all of us coming to this website with Your love and wisdom. Father, please bless me with a future spouse who loves You first, your people and me and thank you for knowing what is best for me and please send the Holy Spirit to guide me and to trust You. Thank you Lord. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Please pray that we can get where we are living to continue to work with us until we can work out our financial struggles.  Please let them see that we re doing everything we can to overcome this crisis.  Please pray that we can get the immediate funds we need to get us through temporarily.  Please pray that my husband's health improves so that he can get back to work.  Thank you for your prayers.

Father God,

I pray this prayer over A.W., Q.W., B.W., M.W., A.H., K.A., E.A., K.M., and myself. Please hear this prayer and become active upon it.

Father God,

Bless us in whatever it is that you know we may need this day and night. And may our lives be full of your peace, prosperity, and power as we seek to have a closer relationship with you. Claim us as your child, so that the devil may flee away from us. Remove the veil from our eyes, so that we may seek and find you. I pray that the Lord and the Holy Spirit will woo A.W., Q.W., B.W., M.W., A.H., K.A., E.A., K.M., and myself to their presence. Lord, I need you, I thank you, I trust you, I love you. In Jesus Christ Name I Pray Amen

 Father, Help my country Greece and the people to make the right decisions for the future of this nation. Your will be done Lord. In Jesus' name, I pray, AMEN

Yahuwah thank you for all I have in my life. Please Yahuwah bless A to find a job soon, one that A will be happy in and will be closer to me.  Continue to bless my relationship with A. Thank you Yahuwah!!! Amen!!!

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