Luvaholic Prayers

 Please pray for me to know the Word of God more deeply and have detailed understanding of it.

 lord please send me joy the love I desire now to me abundantly now now now please no more delays waiting in jesus name

 please please all pray this is very important to me in jesus name every single time I get my photograph taken with every all cameras all every photograph of me turns out of me totally awesome totally stunning amazinbg incredibly better than I can ask think imagine better than all top class models now always I declare I am incredibly outstandly photogenic now always in jesus name lord please grant me the photographes of my self I desires now abundantly better than I can imagine now never ever in jesus name will I take a bad photograph of me ever again I will never ever look terrible ever again in any photographes taken of me in jesus name

 Please pray for my niece (21). Due to her heart racing and pains in the chest she is seeing the cardiologist tomorrow. Pray that there is nothing seriously wrong. Give wisdom to the doctor.

My Sovereign Lord my Shelter and Strength, Please give me guidance courage, strength, wisdom, knowledge, protection, shelter, a sustainable income and security to cope with life. In Jesus name I pray Amen 

Father God in Jesus name I bless Ian and ask your will to be done with him.
please forgive me and make me worthy to escape the things that shall come to pass and stand before the son of man washed clean in the lambs blood amen

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