Early Birthday Thoughts

Janelle’s birthday is less than a week away!
At 7 years of age, she has accomplished so much!
Bypassing the normal milestones, from birth until 5 years old, she has tapped into her subconscious state of mind. (I’m a firm believer that the secret of life is within every child)
She sees the world beyond what is visibly in front of her.
She is adamant about becoming an artist when she grows up.
I will not keep “truths” that I’ve learned from her or from Jacob.
Although she sees the good in everyone; her pure heart will be broken in this cold world.
She reminds me of myself growing up. (I’m not sure if I like that too much)
Seeing the good in people doesn’t mean they will see you in the same light.
I was called naïve, timid, deprived, too good, people pleaser, etc. That’s not the case at all…..I was misunderstood….still am until this day.
I really hope Janelle grows a thick skin much earlier than I did. I know she has to learn for herself, but she and Jacob are what my heart beats for!
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