Luvaholic Prayers

 Please pray for restoration of what was taken from me. Please pray for healing from the Lord in Jesus Name.

father i thank you for your extravagant blessings in my life. forgive me for taking advantage of some of your blessings. father i believe it is in your will for me to receive your blessings with open arms but more so to be a blessing to others. father i pray that you help me tithe,this Sunday i will join a church and register later. please remind me to tithe and give offerings as much as possible, help me become an extravagant giver just like Jesus is. he gave our lives for us, there can't be more giving that.

father i pray for a financial blessing. i am struggling with money, please help me and my mom in our businesses and project. help us tithe and give our best to the lord. father i also pray that i may be able to receive the court money soon to meet the immediate needs because i really am running short of money. father i trust everything in your care and i trust in your love for me. please help me in the richness of your grace Lord

father i ask for you to protect and shield my mum. please keep her healthy and give her many more decades filled with love and blessings. please watch over my sisters Lord.

father i thank you for everything and pray in the name of my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

 Pray that my family get saved

Lord I come again to you today, please help me pass the background check for the job I feel is what I need.  If this is what you want for me please answer my prays.  If I do not pass the background check I know its because you have something better in store for me.  I love you GOD!!!!!!!

 Lord, lead & guide us today. Protect us from evil. Give us #wisdom, understanding and a clean heart. Help us to fulfill your will. In Jesus' name we ask, #AMEN

 Father please bless my mum with long healthy life and please bring Godly wives to Farhan and Christian in Jesus name Amen.

Please protect me and my family after threatened.   The person threatened me about my stupid action.  i am asking for Lord to guide and give me wisdom and peace.   I am asking for big favor   I need for person to drop this and leave me peace.   let me go   destory the video because i did not give any permission to do that.  Just agree with me   no one report and no more threatened  Thanks

Father God. Thank you for today!!!

Father God, You know what's going on...what will go on better than anyone...I'm asking for YOUR guidance...thank you.

Father God, please heal me in every area...physically, psychologically, emotionally...especially the things that should not be in me and also things that are making me feel weak.  Please take away anything that is affecting my health to be healthy.

Please guide me spiritually to be a victorious Christian, following your commands and celebrating life. Father, really, YOU are what I really need...thank you.

I ask again noww…Please, Please Please heal my physical health...You are the only one who really knows me and really can heal me and really know how. Please Father Daddy God...I need YOU.  Please bless me with good health.  Thank you.

In terms of relationship issues and salvation issues, please guide, protect and bless me, also, please pray for V and my family members D, W, M, G, U, A to accept You as God and their personal Lord Saviour.

Father, you know, love and care about me, thank you.  Father, thank you for Your love.  Please lead, guide and protect me.  If you want me and V or J to be together as a couple, then please lead us into that direction but if not, please help me to learn to love each of them and lead me to meeting the best spouse that you have in plan for me if it's in your plan.

Father, thank you for letting me know You...otherwise I will be marching in life totally lost.  I'm sooooo sorry for complaining and not always listening to you.  Daddy God, please forgive me.  Please bless me.  Please bless everyone in the S family.

Thank you that D told me he went to church and I pray that both D & M, W and V will become Christians. Please send the Holy Spirit to save all of us.

Lord Jesus, I pray for my life to serve YOU and if in Your will to have a future spouse that he is a strong devoted Christ follower strongly loves You first, then me and we can serve You and love your people together.  If You think it's good for me, please bless me.

Christ God, I'm praying for S to find a permanent job and praying for M, S, W to each individually finds Jesus then a godly spouse and a good job.

Again, please bless everyone in the S family with Your peace, wisdom, hope, joy and love. Thank you. In Christ' name I pray, amen.
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