Luvaholic Prayers

 Dear Luvaholic Warriors, Please keep lifting this request up to God. I'm seeing movement of the Holy spirit with this request. God is working in my ex son in law. Please pray hard and often. Bless you!! The Holy Spirit has put on my heart to lift in prayer my ex son in law. He cheated on and left my daughter two years ago. I've tried not praying for him, but the Holy Spirit keeps putting it on my heart to pray and to ask you to pray for him. He never worked thru why he did what he did, but jumped into a relationship with a woman who doesn't know his past. She has a teenage daughter and they all live together. (Prayers they're taken out of harms way and come to know the truth) I know him, he'll go back to the behavior that comforts him. Pray for all involved... prayer that the Holy Spirit convicts him to do the right thing. Pray that God pounds on his heart to get right with Him

 May I please request your valuable prayers for Andre and for Frederic, for blessings, healing and guidance. Many Thanks. God bless you! Amen.

 I thank God for life, my loved ones health, and the income we have. I sends I graduated it has cost me so much to find a job, related and not related to my career. Pray that I wont loose my hours at the school, we did get a few students this year this can make our future at that school uncertainly. I pray for financial stability and wisdom. Now that I was able to start paying back my studly loans the unstable times started again. I got just one year stability.Please help me to stay humble, pure of heart, stay calm and don't loose faith and my smile, and tranquility. Protect and bless my family and loved ones. Thank you for them. Help me to find enough hours to survive and keep the other jobs I have. Help me to be wise with my finances my decisions and help me to exceed at my jobs so I can keep them. I don't have any choice than have more than one.Protect my family and loved ones, also ours finances and our Island. Blessings for you my loved ones and family and everybody with good intentions in this site. Protect us Lord

 Please pray that my marriage with Brandy is restored. God please give me favor in Brandys eyes and heart. Please pray that God changes her heart and mind and guides her back to me. Deliver her from alcoholism. Deliver her from having a hard heart towards me and our marriage and deliver her daughter from having a hard heart towards me.

Father God,

I pray this prayer over A.W., Q.W., B.W., M.W., A.H., K.A., E.A., K.M., and myself. Please hear this prayer and become active upon it.

Father God,

Bless us in whatever it is that you know we may need this day and night. And may our lives be full of your peace, prosperity, and power as we seek to have a closer relationship with you. Father God, Claim us as your children, so that the devil will flee away from our presence. Remove the veil from our eyes, so that we may seek and find you. I pray that the Lord and the Holy Spirit will woo A.W., Q.W., B.W., M.W., A.H., K.A., E.A., K.M., and myself to their presence. Lord, I need you, I thank you, I trust you, I love you. In Jesus Christ Name I Pray Amen

 A neighbors dog who is very tiny is lost and they haven't found him yet. His name is Tonka and got loose last night. Lord keep him safe and let him be found soon. He was out alone in the rain last night and wet he barely weighs 5 pounds. Protect him Jesus in Your name I pray Amen

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