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 Blessings for everyone of good hart in this site. I pray for my family , my loved ones and my self and our pets included cause they are also family. I pray to stay in Faith. To not loose faith and Hope. I pray for financial stability, to keep our income and increase it , you know how hard I worked to finish school, now I am working hard to find a stable job in my field, and too keep it. Help us to be worthy and exceed in our jobs To be better and stay humble everyday. I also pray for my parents their financial status, the rest of my family, to stay humble and financial stable. I pray for our health , to be wise and keep and treat our mind, body and soul healthy. For prosperity, wisdom, loyalty and protection , blessings, forgiveness, Bless our homes and hearts, minds, jobs and bodys. Also pray for those who have lost their loved ones near us to stay strong. For our birth place and home land. In the name of Jesus Amen Thank you for everybody who pray for us. I also will be praying for you

I pray for the restoration of this relationship. LORD, give this child of Yours, the peace in my heart, & the trust in my heart, that You are working it all out. LORD, I know that You are doing a MIGHTY work in Hannah's heart, I pray that very soon, her steps will be led back to where she left her heart, (at my doorstep), this I pray, in the MIGHTY name of Jesus Christ. Thank You, LORD, in advance. May all glory, honor & praise, be to the LORD, Almighty. AMEN & AMEN !

 Calling an interviewer back now... 1) I pray I have favor and get the job 2) Get a transfer/promotion to another State or promotion to an in-house job with pre-set appointments either within my company or from another company of quality; and 3) That my job performance would be enhanced in the interim and my productivity multiplied, in Jesus ' Name.

Yahuwah please bless A to get the job that A is going for the interview today, July 24 @ 3:30pm (Los Angeles Time). Please Yahuwah bless A to get the job, for the pay to be good and for it to be during hours that I also work so we can continue to see each other. Thank you Yahuwah!!

 Please pray that God blesses my family and I with His Wisdom, Energy, Favor, Help, Presence & Peace. Thank-you

 Hey Lord Jesus! Hey! I pray that all the pressure will disappear, will vanish! Thank you God! In Jesus' name! No more trials! In Jesus' name.
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