My Skin is Shedding

My Skin Is Shedding

  How many of you are experiencing the “shedding” phase?!

Some Symptoms include:

*Waking up one day and realizing EVERYTHING you’ve been taught is one BIG LIE.

*Communicating with your family/friends doesn’t feel the same.

*Things you use to like, you don’t anymore.

*Things you use to dislike, you like now.

*Feeling alone in a world full of people.

*Speaking the same language, but people don’t overstand the words coming out of your mouth.

*Things that use to make you mad; doesn’t anymore.

*Your taste in music, clothes, food, etc. changes.

*You would rather spend time by yourself.


For a while now, I have been going through all of these changes. At first, it felt like depression (many will tell you that’s what you are: DEPRESSED). DO NOT MAKE AGREEMENTS WITH DEPRESSION!

I am here to tell you: YOU ARE GOING TO BE JUST FINE!

It’s your spirit welcoming you to a different dimension/level in the spiritual world.


If you need/want someone to talk to, I’m just an email away:
Disclaimer: I found this picture on google, but the words are mine.
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