PROS and CONS/ Commuting to Washington D.C.

                                           Some stops I've taken to get to work.

Plenty of times, I find myself wanting to complain about the struggle to get to work. Then I remember important facts.


1. I'm not the only one...

Props to the blind and handicapped individuals making their way into work independently. (I look up to y'all)
2. The countless Sun rise/ Sunset pictures I take for y'all. (Just think...we wouldn't get a glimpse of Heaven, if it weren't for my commute. Lol).
3. I definitely gained a great sense for time (every second literally counts).
4. I've learned to be open-minded. (You quickly learn how human people are behind that suit & tie/badge).
5. I've dodged death a million times. lol (DMV riders know what I mean. lol)
1. I've met puppets playing the game (most want out, but it's too late....they've monopolized their family, using them as collateral)

2. I've developed road rage from sitting in the passenger's seat  (where do they do that at? lol)
3. Daycare and school are raising my babies (time taken away)
4. My physical body is worn out (the body changes with the Seasons)
All in all, I am grateful. Thank you D.C

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