Episode With The JJs:

Today's Episode with the JJs : Convo with them both.
Janelle: Mommy, I want a cellphone.
Me: You are too young for a cellphone, Juju.
Janelle: I know, but I know how to use it.
Jacob: Yeah, mommy. Me too. Can I get one when Janelle gets one?!
Me: Janelle and Jacob, you do not need a cellphone right now.
Janelle: (her new thing) my friends have one.
Me: I'm not their mother. You both also know how to feed and dress yourselves. Does that mean mommy has to put your dishes in the sink and put your dirty clothes in the hamper?
JJs: No, ma'am.
Me: Alright then. You can buy your cellphones when you can pay for it yourselves.
Jacob: Give us money den (then). You always say dat (that) your money is our money. I give da (the) money to da (the) pewson (person) at da (the) wegistew (register) and he give us da(the) phones

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