Jacob's Punishment: I HATE YOU

Jacob said the words I thought I would never hear come from his mouth: “I hate you”
So, he’ll be doing everything he HATES, until he learns how much those words hurt me. Smh
Lesson#1 (last night):
Jacob got to focus on his dinner plate; that was sitting on his arms, while squatting.
*He needed to learn the hard work the woman he “hates” put into that dinner he was going to eat.
Lesson#2 (this morning):
Jacob got to wake up at 4 a.m. instead of at 5. After getting dressed and eating breakfast; he got to do 10 push- ups, put breakfast for Janelle, and pack their summer camp bag.
*He needed to see everything the woman he “hates” has to do each morning before she wakes him up.
You may wonder how many lessons he’s going to get. As many that spell out I h.a.t.e. y.o.u.
Now, it hurts me to the core to punish him like this, but I feel an apology isn’t good enough for something like that. He has to learn that words are powerful. He needs to be mindful of what he speaks into the universe.
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