Luvaholic Prayers

 God, recover me from child and marital abuse. Renew my mind. Heal me of distorted thoughts and brainwashed beliefs. I pray help me focus on myself, positiveness and recovery. Jesus, make all things new IJNA

 Please pray for me because I am under demonic attacks. I have been badly tempted sexually. And currently I have anger burning in me and I cant get my thoughts off of it. I feel helpless. I feel frustrated. It seems that government really dont care about it's people. The court is terribly slow with my tenant who does not pay nor move out. Oh how badly I wish that the day of the Lord would come already. I can understand why God doesn't use His divine power to help His children. I know that He has good reasons for that but it's so painful here not knowing why He doesn't help me.

 Please lift in prayer my husband who may be forced to retire before he's ready because of his employer cutting jobs. He isn't mentally ready and would like to go when he feels ready. For the first time in his career he feels appreciated and loves his job.

 Lord please help. Deposit still not back on credit card and getting run around now from Enterprise. Also, car acting up again! Please Lord, I don't even think they fixed the car at this point...please let it stop and let me get my money back a.s.a.p.! Amen.

 I pray Eddie Nunez will get rid of all filth & evil in his life & accept GODS WORD & plant it in his heart for it has the POWER to save his soul. In Jesus Name. Amen. Lord this is Your Word JAMES 1:21
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