Luvaholic Prayers

Please lord help us with our finances

please give us all the money we need for the things we need and want

please give us alot of money that we need

In Jesus name amen

 Dear Lord, Thank you for your blessings. I pray for our house situation in Atlanta and for healing over my body. I also pray for good rest tonight for myself and my family. Hunter

callthings thatbenot
 pray with me for a rental problem, that the storage rental will be waived and the rent will only go up $25.00. I believe the Lord is going to work a miracle here! I believe I will report this miracle to many!!

DEAR LORD, I humbly come to Your throne LORD & ask for Your divine favor & blessings over Zak & Hannah's relationship & that You would please hear my words & deep need for this prayer to be answered & their two hearts to be reconnected, now LORD. Dear LORD, these two hearts belong together & they need to beat as one, once again. LORD, Zak & Hannah together, would be a powerful GLORIFICATION of Your name. LORD, we are TRUSTING in You, because, Your word tells us that there is NOTHING Impossible for You. Therefore, we await Your perfect timing LORD, as we pray that it will be very, very, soon, that You, will change Hannah's heart & mind & draw her back to Zak & restore & renew their relationship to a MIGHTY & EVERLASTING, love, one that is better & stronger, then before & is filled with happiness, peace, trust, kindness, tenderness, patience, understanding & YOU, LORD God, at the CENTER of their lives & their love for one another. I pray, all this, LORD, in the Mighty name of Jesus. Thank You, LORD, in advance, for hearing & answering this prayer over Zak & Hannah. I give You, our Sovereign LORD, all glory & praise, for what You are about to do in Zak & Hannah's heart & relationship, AMEN & AMEN !!

 I have been in contact with my one flesh covenant wife. Thank you Almighty God. Deliver Brandy from sin and evil. Deliver Brandy from adultery. Open up her spiritual eyes and ears. Let her not be persuaded by adulterous lips. Soften her heart towards me Lord. Show her the love I have for her. Give me favor in Brandy's eyes and heart. Speak to her loudly, Lord. Convict her. Convict her heart. Deliver her from alcoholism. Build a hedge of thorns around her so she cannot find her way and she returns to me, her one flesh, covenant husband. I base this prayer on Your word, Lord, which states it is not good for me to be alone and says that we are one flesh and which commands what you have joined together, let no man put asunder. Give me strength to keep standing, keep hoping and keep praying. Renew my hope, Lord. You hate divorce. Please intervene. Please move our mountains of circumstances and restore our marriage. Please restore all broken, dead, hurting marriages around the world. Thank you God for calling me to stand for my marriage and restoring my marriage. In the name and through the blood of Jesus, I pray. Amen!!

Yahuwah thank you for all that YOU are doing. Please forgive me Yahuwah. Yahuwah I humbly as you to mend the discord between A and I. Please let things grow and get better between A and I. Yahuwah YOU know what is going on. Yahuwah please guide A to contribute to our relationship. Thank you for your prayers. Amen.
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