Good Morning My Kindred Spirits

Good Morning,
How are you all doing??
This picture speaks VOLUMES to me! I've experienced this quite a few times!
How many of my Luvaholics can relate?
It's bad enough for one to feel... ALONE, NOT SAFE, LIVING IN HELL, NUMB...
The more disturbing fact is that others would simply say, “It will get better”, "God will take care of it", "Pray about it", “You’re strong”… (Basically brushing the individual away)
Has anyone actually considered that we should allow God to work through us to help those crying for help?!!!
This life we live isn't easy! Just like parenthood, one may read a hundred books. When that baby comes, none of those books can prepare you or "feel" with you during your hardest moments!
May you all have a great day filled with LOVE and POSITIVE energy!
Seriously, if any of you need someone to talk to email me, please: I may not have all of the answers, but know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH
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