Lunar Eclipse

On September 27th at 9:07PM EDT, Earthlings will get to witness a harvest moon mixed with a lunar eclipse. Known as a “supermoon” because of its close proximity to Earth, the distance makes it appear 14% larger as the planet orbits into Earth’s shadow.

When the sunlight that passes through Earth’s atmosphere reflects off of the enlarged moon, it produces an eerie red glow that can only be seen once every 18 years.

That was the statement from NASA. 9:07. So around 9:07 I roll outside and I see nothing. Not the moon or anything for that matter. So I go back in and for the next hour I go in and out the screen door. Click, click, click. I had to travel miles from my room to the door at the rate of 20 times. All to catch this moon. So around 9:50. They say that 10:10pm was the new time. Okay, cool. So 10:10 rolls around and I fly outside cause I can't be late. I waited this long. Nothing, still nothing. 

SO I went back and fourth for about 6 times. Only six this time. On the sixth time I started to see that the woods had some type of glow to it. Like a bright light. The trees/woods was blocking the moon. How is this even possible? This has never been a thing in the history of my living here. 

Okay, the moon wants to play hide and seek. I got something for him (or her). No flashlight and boots on. I travel into the woods in search of the creek. It's pitch dark but I'm a ninja. Maybe it's cause I have walked thru the woods a million times, I made it to the creek and I give you this. The moon. The bloody moon. Enjoy. 

I'll go clean my boots now.   
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