Luvaholic Prayers

Please pray for my health. I am a young person who suffer from  serious body diseases (among others: kidney and heart failure). In addition I have an opressive mental illness.  I feel very helpless and weak but hope that almighty Lord  finally hears the pray and gets me free from diseases as well as infulences of evil spirits. Amen
Thank you everyone, God  bless you all.

Yahuwah I thank you for all that I have in my life. Yahuwah YOU know the situation with A. Please intercede Yahuwah. Please let A start contributing to our relationship. Thank you. Appreciate all prayers.

 I pray that I can get rid of my anxiety due to money issues. In Jesus name, Amen

 Thank you for praying. My friend who hurt me contacted me. I struggled up until now to contact them. I realize how much I need Him. Jesus holds a mirror in front of my face showing me the extent of my own depravity. Please pray for encouragement but mostly please pray for Kelly my little niece. I found her once again greatly disturbed after one of my sister's emotional outbursts. She became vicious when my niece wouldn't hug her. My sister needs help and she needs to realize/acknowledge that she needs help. Please pray for that, for Jesus to bring her to that place and at the same time protect my niece who is so little and helpless and needs her mom to be healthy and stable. I'm so exasperated myself and it consumes so much energy. Please Jesus have mercy on all of us involved but mostly on Kelly. Please move now on her behalf. Thank you Jesus! I know you are listening to our prayers and you answer. Please help me be more attentive to that and be more grateful. Forgive me for harboring so much resentment at the situation at my sister...and also others and even you. I'm sorry. Corrie ten Boom's sister Betsy once said "there is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still." Please let me experience this in this situation and in the life of Kelly. Amen

 I have been in contact with my one flesh covenant wife. Thank you Almighty God. Deliver Brandy from sin and evil. Deliver Brandy from adultery. Open up her spiritual eyes and ears. Let her not be persuaded by adulterous lips. Soften her heart towards me Lord. Show her the love I have for her. Give me favor in Brandy's eyes and heart. Speak to her loudly, Lord. Convict her. Convict her heart. Deliver her from alcoholism. Build a hedge of thorns around her so she cannot find her way and she returns to me, her one flesh, covenant husband. I base this prayer on Your word, Lord, which states it is not good for me to be alone and says that we are one flesh and which commands what you have joined together, let no man put asunder. Give me strength to keep standing, keep hoping and keep praying. Renew my hope, Lord. You hate divorce. Please intervene. Please move our mountains of circumstances and restore our marriage. Please restore all broken, dead, hurting marriages around the world. Thank you God for calling me to stand for my marriage and restoring my marriage. In the name and through the blood of Jesus, I pray. Amen!!

 A friend has been ill over the past 2 years. She has decided to stop the treatment that has made her so sick. She is critically ill today in the hospital. I pray for God to ease her pain and give her His peace and some quality, joyful times during the remainder of life. If it is in His plan, I pray for the miracle of healing.

Please pray that all our Huey helicopters come back online for work this fire season and all on Operating licenses
as well as our Bomber Plane and that Brian can start work soon and his helicopter comes back to work this fire season and that he gets to work in STUTT
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