Luvaholic Prayers

God, It sickens me to my stomach, when my step dad passed away, I walk in the funeral home to sign the sheet, and my ex step sister forged my name, so I ignored her, and signed my name rightfully a little further down, and some of the people were asking why I signed the sheet 2 times. I signed the sheet once. My name was forged, and I'm tired of hearing about it from her and others, so I pray to be in peace. i had a secret relationship with my step dad, his daughter, my ex step sister always got mad, so we talked by ourselves with Jesus a few times, and it was nice. God, Liana loves her biologici family very much. God, Because of you, and me praying to you, you heard my cry, you saved me from my enemies(foes), and I still serve you, God/Jesus/America. God, You are everything to me. Jesus, I love you very much. Jesus, I wonder all the time if me and my children have been good enough for your Father in Heaven to live their after our time is through here where you have brought us? Jesus, I pray you hear my cry, my plea, so that me and my family can keep serving God. Jesus, I ask and pray to always turn the other cheek when I hear trouble, so that I might can follow you and hear your good words instead. Jesus, j pray for the safety of your family and my family always. Jesus, I pray all children keeps their hands to themself. God, In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen
God bless you always!

The big
Our Father. I pray that my communication with Hannah is restored in a positive manner soon. Amen

 Pleas, pray I get healed from a possible ovarian cyst. IJNIP. Amen. Also, pray for this sadness to go away. Lord I need a better job. I'm so poor.

 Please pray that my marriage with Brandy is restored. God please give me favor in Brandys eyes and heart. Please pray that God changes her heart and mind and guides her back to me. Deliver her from alcoholism. Deliver her from having a hard heart towards me and our marriage and deliver her daughter from having a hard heart towards me.

Heavenly Father, My husband of 19 years has left me for another woman, who he found on a porn dating site.  I am so fearful for his soul.  I pray for you to direct him back to you and to come back home to his family.  He has basically abandoned Me, our children, and grandchildren.  I really feel that the devil has taken over his soul.  God, you say when we become married, we are as one and cannot be separated.  I feel so lost without him.  Please touch him and bring him back to his family.

In Jesus name, Amen

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