Luvaholic Prayers

 I am praying for our Father God to help me to keep Him in my mind all the through the day. I am tempted many times and need His presence with me in my mind and heart. Thank you Father for loving me and helping me.

Father God,

You know Z and I are gonna see each other , please keep watch over the door of our lips and not let either of us say anything that is gonna cause us to fight. Please help us to agree on everything and talk smoothly with one another. Father God, I pray for my friendship/relationship with Z right now and forever.It seems like Z and I have been fighting against each other so much for the past few years. May you equip us and strengthen us to live each day with characters that reflect you. I pray against the enemy and his schemes to destroy my friendship/relationship with Z. Please help me and Z to stop fighting the each other and start fighting the enemy. Lord, I need you, I thank you, I trust you, I love you. In Jesus Christ Name I Pray Amen.

Dear Father, i humbly thank You for another picture that You have shown me today about my dad. From a friend's info i just realized how You have treated my dad so special. If compared to this friend's and the other old friend's, You have done great jobs on my dad and You have made Yourself as his Counsellor so that big decisions he has made in past are just to shown how lucky we are if compared to what they received.
Father, please forgive me that i have been acting and thought about myself as a better person in spirituality rather than him. The major memories about him is on his hurting words. Please forgive me that i have kept this thought for a long time. I bless him with forgiveness and i humbly ask Your mercy and grace upon us, me and my dad, and my dad with my mom and my siblings. Please help us to be better in Your sight on each new day, and please glorify Your Name upon my family. In Yeshua Hamashiach's Name i pray. Amen!

 Please pray for me to let go of pets. I wanna keep only 3, and let the others ones go...I pray God give me wisdom what to do . Thanks

 Father in Heaven, Your Name be Honored, Your Kingdom Come & Will be done on earth like Heaven. Give our daily Bread, Forgive our debts, We forgive our debtors, Keep us from Sin & Evil in Jesus Name.

 Jesus please help me to get a good floor per diem. Please help me to handle it. Please supernaturally work God to my favor. Also Jesus please have mercy on the rest of the day and please let everything be smooth. Please have mercy on me Jesus and me applying to a per diem position. I pray for staffing God. Please supernaturally work to my favor. Please do not give me a anything I cannot handle. IJNIP. Amen

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