Halloween Comes Early for One Amazing Child

Halloween came early to one Chesterfield neighborhood. While most children won’t hit the streets with bags of candy until October 31, one trick-or-treater has already gone door-to-door to collect sweets.

Wearing his new Lightning McQueen costume, Branden Witt collected candy two weeks before all the other kids in his neighborhood. Branden, 4, is scheduled to have brain surgery later this month. The timing of the surgery makes it impossible for him to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.

In an effort to bring a smile to their son’s face during this stressful time, Branden’s parents came up with an idea. Why not ask the neighbors to hold Halloween early?

The Witts passed out fliers, complete with pumpkins and glow sticks, to their Swift Creek Crossing neighbors asking them to put the glow sticks on their mailboxes to signal they were interested helping. When Saturday rolled around, more than 40 neighbors had agreed to participate.

"So many neighbors, family, friends and even people we don't know have poured out love to not only Branden, but our entire family and we are so blessed beyond means because of it," Branden's mother Carol said. "We are truly overwhelmed with the responses and know its God's work at hand."

Don Pepe Mexican Restaurant on Hull Street and West Hundred roads will hold an October 30 fundraiser for the Witt family.

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