I Use To Be Lukewarm

I was a "lukewarm" person for the longest time.
The "yes" that came out of my mouth, was genuinely a "no" in my heart....vice versa.
All for the sake of being a nice person and making everyone else happy.
One day almost 2 years ago, I realized that JJs grew a little taller. Their laugh sounded differently. They weren't interested in the same cartoon characters as before. "When did all of that take place?!"
When I voiced my realization to others; it was like they tuned my voice out and continued with their requests.
They would come back to refill on my positive energy. Meanwhile, I became a dumpster for their negative energy. I was losing myself.
I couldn't sleep at night. I would randomly fall asleep during the day. I would start the washer, but would forget to put the clothes in it. I would drive home and not even know how I got there.
I woke up from it all and started standing up for myself. I learned to say yes and/or no with all authenticity.
Not only did I gain my life back; the negativity repelled from my world. Layers of false yeses and no's shedded off of me
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